South Africa is under attack

South Africa is facing one of the largest cyber attacks it has ever seen, with banks, ISPs, and the government being targeted. Continue Reading

10 things South Africans businesses are most stressed about in 2017

Aside from political uncertainty, a tough local and global economy and increasing cyber threats, South African businesses are now also stressing about the weather in 2017. Continue

Ransomware infects thousands of Apple Macs

San Francisco – The first widespread ransomware attack on Apple computers is drawing attention to a growing and lucrative corner of the hacking underworld where attackers encrypt and hold data hostage until they are paid to unlock the information. Continue Reading…

BBM facelift to offset reduced OS support

BlackBerry will improve BBM, in an attempt to create a more attractive alternative to Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Continue Reading…

Concerns over damage caused by FTTH

Fibre is the way to go. That is not up for debate. Quicker downloads, less buffer time when streaming and seamless online video chats are all perks of having faster Internet. So, for those who can afford to have fibre installed, it’s a no-brainer. Continue Reading…

How much money the SA government blows on travel every year

National and provincial government spends approximately R10 billion annually on travel and subsistence. Continue Reading…

How much money the telecoms industry is worth in South Africa

Data published by StatsSA shows that total income for the post and telecommunications industry in South Africa in 2013 was R276.3 billion. Continue reading…

How much data does ShowMax use ?

When given the option to read a news article or read a how-to manual verses pushing the Play button to watch the same content in a video format, most people opt for the latter. Continue reading…

64% of South Africans have faced online theft

Almost two thirds of people in South Africa have faced online threats involving attempted money theft, according to a survey by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International. Continue reading….

Drowning rand to impact PC prices

The declining rand could see a sharp increase in the price of laptops, says a local retailer.

“Since early September the rand has lost another 8% against the dollar, making it possible that laptop prices will be hiked from 15% this year to around 20%,” said Christopher Riley, CEO of The Notebook Company. Continue reading…


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